13-Year-Old Boy with the Dragon Tattoo

Once again, minors with tattoos have made the news. Police in Centralia, Washington are investigating how and where a 13-year-old boy got a tattoo. The nameless boy came home with a 6-inch tattoo of a dragon on his chest, which he says, marks his survival on leukemia. Sounds pretty bad ass to me.

The investigation is proving to be a little hard for the coppers, because the boy won’t confess to where he got it and who did it. If he did, the tattoo artists would most likely be charged with a misdemeanor for it is illegal to tattoo a minor in the state of Washington.

Along with the police, the parents are also outraged, saying that they didn’t agree to her 13-year-old son getting a tattoo or his brother, who is now 15.  Both the boys are on punishment for the summer, which means that they will not even be able to show off their tats to the ladies.

What do you guys think of the debate? Should kids be allowed to be tattooed or is the Centralia Police Department doing the right thing? We want to here your thoughts! Watch the video below and let us know.

Source: Huffington Post

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