Lee Gets Clean

September 9 2010

Rocker Tommy Lee has changed his hard partying habits to raise his kids and make music. He’s made it to the 90-day mark, and we at Inked support him. Check out his interview with Extra (link below)!

Ask Mary :: Too Soon to Tell

September 3 2010

I’ve heard so many different opinions on this matter but when is it ok to call someone after the first date? (Sara, 19, Honolulu, HI) The age old question when is too soon? In an age of instant video uploads,… [ read more ]

Ask Mary :: Not Looking in all the Right Places

August 27 2010

I’ve had a LOT of short relationships and I am ready for a long term relationship how do I find one? (Sammy, 26, Dayton, FL) Feel like you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places? Well that’s because… [ read more ]

Special Oops

August 12 2010

Fact checking may be one thing, but nobody is perfect. We all make the occasional response. We’d like to give a shoutout to our friends at American Rebel PR. In the last issue, we said that you could get this… [ read more ]

Institutional Correction

August 10 2010

All types of people like to read Inked. Some of them may be in correctional institutions, but it occasionally gets sent back to us. Just thought we’d share this with you as the reasons seem to be completely absurd and… [ read more ]

Ask Mary :: Unforgettable Past

August 6 2010

My girlfriend has the name of her ex boyfriend tattooed on her wrist and it makes me nauseous when I look at it. Can I ask her to remove it or cover it or get it removed? (Mikey, 32, Hoeboken,… [ read more ]

Red Red Wine

August 5 2010

A couple weeks ago, our friends at Hunter PR brought over a couple bottles of wine from one of their new clients, Apothic Red. Apothic Red is a blended wine that we all seemed to enjoy. It’s easy to drink… [ read more ]

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