Good Times, Great Giveaway

June 22 2010

Vannen Watches, Atticus Clothing and Inked Magazine have teamed up with New York-based poster artist and designer Brian Ewing to bring you the Black Curse watch, print and t-shirt giveaway! The Black Curse prize pack comes with (1) super limited… [ read more ]


June 11 2010

Moshi Moshi has come out with a new way to reduce neck cramps and using speaker phone to send a text during a call. Its their new handset that lets you take call from an actual hand set while your… [ read more ]

Boston Gets INKED

June 4 2010

McGreevy’s Industry Sundays and Inked Magazine have partnered for the official Boston launch party of Inked Magazine’s June issue on Sunday, June 6, 2010 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. The event is free and open to the public ages… [ read more ]

More Ink for Fox

June 3 2010

Transformers hottie Megan Fox showed off her new ink on the beaches of Maui with boyfriend Brian Austin Green. Inspired by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Fox got, “Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear… [ read more ]

Is that you, 50?

June 2 2010

Tattooed bad boy has been working hard for his role as the cancer stricken football player in Mario Van Peebles’ up coming film, “Things Fall Apart.” The Queens rapper lost an amazing 50 pounds for the role, leaving him almost… [ read more ]

Illegal Tattoos?

June 1 2010

The right to tattoo is being fought in Hermosa Beach, California by John Anderson, owner of the Yer Cheat’n Heart tattoo shop. Anderson has been denied the request to relocate his shop from Gardenia to Hermosa Beach, based on the… [ read more ]

Tattooed Dating

May 28 2010

Need some dating advice and only trust fellow inked up peeps? Nerve.com has got some solid advice from Anthony a 28 year old that proudly sports a sleeve. He gives advice from trimming the hedges to going back to the… [ read more ]

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