Hot Sauce Extravaganza

May 20 2010

The other day, our friends at Tabasco, made us a tailgating style lunch with all the fixings. Macaroni and cheese, baked chicken, ice cream sandwiches, and more. Everything they brought was made with Tabasco hot sauce, and I have to… [ read more ]

F*** Love

May 19 2010

Inked’s own June cover girl just got some fresh ink that unfortunately was too late to use in our photo shoot. Avril and reality TV star Brody Jenner walked in to Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in Hollywood… [ read more ]

No Sleep Till…

May 17 2010

Brooklyn Bridge celebrates its 127th anniversary May 23, 2010. To commemorate the occasion Brooklyn Tattoo is offering a tattoo of the bridge for only $27 bucks!!! A much welcome deal in a time of skinny jeans, pockets and wallets. It… [ read more ]

Free Burritos for Life

May 12 2010

What?! Free burritos for life? How? San Francisco’s Casa Sanchez offers free burritos for life if you get the company’s logo tattooed on you. The logo isn’t offensive and kind of cute, and well who couldn’t use lunch for free… [ read more ]

Tattoo Stories

May 11 2010

We have all heard them the stories behind the tattoos, but now you read them and get some good Karma points too. Smart Imagination has released Tattoo Stories a book with beautiful pictures and great stories to match with the… [ read more ]

Tattoos for Idols

May 6 2010

Siobhan Magnus was joined by fellow Idol contestants Michael Lynche,Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox in a group ink session. Magnus got the roman numerals IX marking her appearance on the 9th season ofAmerican Idol and it is also the age… [ read more ]

Avril Digs Inked

May 4 2010

Avril is one busy lady these days. She’s been working hard on the Race to Erase MS benefit where she will be preforming May 7th in Los Angeles she’s also busy promoting her Avril in Wonderland project. Last week she… [ read more ]

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