• Extreme Mistakes

    Some people get tattoos as a way to express themselves, other people get them to make extreme statements. A spelling error can take away all of the effect that the tattoo was meant to have in the first place. The… [ read more ]

  • We Love Tits

    Do you like tits? I know we do. We’re talking about the street clothing brand, T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt). We’ve collaborated with T.I.T.S. on a series of graphic t-shirts. Every month, they will feature a different Inked Girl. Check… [ read more ]

  • Making A Start

    Here at Inked Magazine, we have a unique voice within the tattoo industry. Sometimes people may think that we’ve gone too comercial with our style, but our Inked Girls special edition tells a different story. Though certain shoots were done… [ read more ]

  • The Queen is Disgusted

    Bet you never thought the queen would get a tattoo. Academy Award winner Helen Mirren, who won for her role in “The Queen”, drunkenly got tattooed many years ago “when only sailors and Hell’s Angels were tattooed.” “I decided to… [ read more ]

  • Inked Girl Gets Wild in the City

    Recently, we experienced one of our most promising finds right in our own offices. One of our interns, Emily, is now the cover model of our Inked Girl special edition issue of Inked Magazine. She’s been getting a lot of… [ read more ]

  • Smile Seen Round the World

    Tattooed photographer, Matthew McDermott, captured a photograph of a young Haitian boy named Kiki. McDermott is known for taking iconic images of world events such as the September 11th attacks in New York City. This image of Kiki with his… [ read more ]

  • Your Ticket to Tattoo Freedom

    In celebration of Kat Von D gracing the cover of Inked for a third time, we’re letting you in on Kat’s secret for covering up tattoos when the occasion calls for it. Kat says, “If you wanna hide a tattoo… [ read more ]