Soccer Player Arrested in Saudi Arabia for Baring Jesus Tattoo

October 12 2011

A Colombian soccer player was arrested there for not covering up his tattoos, as is dictated by Saudi law. What most concerned the Saudi moral police was that Juan Pablo Pino bared a tattoo of Jesus while at a Riyadh… [ read more ]

Tipping Your Tattoo Artist

October 11 2011

Tipping etiquette is always a big question when talking about any industry. Just like when you tip your hair dresser, nail tech, or waiter, 20% is great. If your artist is doing custom work for you and including the design… [ read more ]

David Beckham’s New Tattoo As Tweeted by Victoria Beckham

October 10 2011

David Beckham has got himself another inking and this time wife Victoria Beckham has debuted the tattoo, by tweeting a picture with baby Harper holding his hand. The photo was posted of the tattoo which spells the word ‘Love’ on… [ read more ]

“Tatman” Ryan Roberts of the Arizona Diamondbacks Talks Tattoos

October 7 2011

Ryan Roberts of the Arizona Diamondbacks said he appreciates when people ask him about his many, many tattoos. Roberts told Big League Stew, “When I first started getting tattoos, I never expected to get a lot. Over the course of… [ read more ]

Steve Jobs Tribute Tattoo

October 6 2011

With the recent passing of the iconic and beloved former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, we thought it would be great to pay tribute to him in a way that only we can. Former Apple employee and music group Stella Revival… [ read more ]

Tattoo Artist and Former LA Ink Star Kat Von D Recording an Album

October 5 2011

Recently single Kat Von D is currently recording her first album. After success within the tattoo industry and LA Ink, we have no doubts that she will make some headway in the music industry as well. “I’ve been passionate about… [ read more ]

Barbie Gets An Inked-Up Makeover

October 4 2011

Tokidoki, a Japanese inspired lifestyle brand, who’s previous clientele includes Skull Candy, Hello Kitty, and Marvel; has now collaborated with Mattel to create this edgy, new Barbie. After 52 years of Barbie, it’s about time this girl got some ink!… [ read more ]

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