The 2012 Sailor Jerry Calendar Cover Girl is…

October 3 2011

This year’s search for the next calendar girl for the 2012 Sailor Jerry Calendar with Inked Magazine brought in hundreds of entries from all over the states making for a damn hard selection process. After taking a month to pour… [ read more ]


September 30 2011

One of our amazing fans on facebook (Girl George) posted this incredible photo of Lyle Tutle back in 1969 on our facebook. Since we recently covered him as one of our Inked Icons, and because he’s simply legendary, we thought… [ read more ]

CM Punk Gets Inked

September 29 2011

WWE Superstar and the 19th WWE Triple Crown champion, CM Punk got a new tattoo this past Tuesday of a dead fish on the back of his left shoulder. Artist Matt Wes of Family Tattoo in Chicago created the piece… [ read more ]

Vans OTW and Mister Cartoon Team Up

September 28 2011

Vans OTW and Mr. Cartoon proudly present the Art of Lettering, a limited edition book featuring Cartoon’s personal photography. The book was created in conjunction with Mr. Cartoon’s “Art of Lettering” seminar held in Los Anges this summer. During the… [ read more ]

NY Islanders Fans get Inked

September 27 2011

Coming in the next issue of ESPN Magazine, they report on the NY Islanders bold move to generate fan appreciation by opening up a tattoo shop in the arena. Although there are rumors that the Islanders will leave after their… [ read more ]

Inked Hits Jersey

September 26 2011

Inked spent the weekend at Inked Out NJ presented by the world renowned tattoo artist Mario Barth & Starlight Tattoo. In case you’re not familiar, Mario Barth is also the owner of popular tattoo ink, Intenze and has tattooed a… [ read more ]

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Lee Denning

September 23 2011

One of our photographer for Inked Girls Magazine, Mike Lerner shot this cinemagraph and sent it to us to share with our amazing readers. Jesse was our gorgeous April cover!

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