April, 2012

More New Ink on Travis Barker

April 30 2012

This past weekend drummer Travis Barker added to his rapidly growing collection of head tattoos. Last month we reported on Barker getting some finishing touches done on his Transplants band logo tattoo, and now he posted a photo on Facebook… [ read more ]

Beats by Dr. Dre x David Guetta present Beats Mixr Headphones

April 27 2012

Two-Time Grammy Award winning artist David Guetta collaborated with Beats by Dr. Dre to launch the Beats Mixr headphones ($249.99). The Beats Mixr is described as “the ultimate weapon of choice for DJs , providing them with a direct connection… [ read more ]

Chris Brown x Ron English Collaborate to Produce Limited Edition Toys

April 26 2012

GRAMMY winning musician Chris Brown and artist Ron English, along with Garageworks Industries and Made by Monsters, have joined forces to produce an exclusive line of collectible toys and one of a kind sculptures. The art exhibit, which will open… [ read more ]

Minnesota Changes Blood Donation Law for Tattooed People

April 25 2012

In most states you cannot donate blood if you’ve been tattooed within 12 months, but this is no longer an issue in Minnesota. Due to a new FDA regulation tattoo shops are now regulated by the state, effective April 16…. [ read more ]

Hold Fast: Chris Trevino

April 25 2012

Tattoo artist Chris Trevino is an expert in tattooing in the traditional Japanese style. Having studied under Horiyoshi III for five years Trevino earned the nickname “Horimana.” Trevino currently runs Perfection Tattoo in Austin, TX, where he has a steady… [ read more ]

Bamboozle 2012

April 24 2012

This year Bamboozle will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary with non-stop entertainment for the tens of thousands fans expected to make the trip to North Beach Asbury Park.  This year the three day festival will be taking place May… [ read more ]

Outer Limits at Koplin Del Rio – Preparatory Drawings by Tattoo Artists

April 23 2012

Figurative painter and tattoo artist, Shay Bredimus uses tattoo ink on drafting film to portray spontaneous and personal moments of his models. In his recent series, currently on exhibit at Koplin Del Rio, entitled Kotomi, Bredimus casts female personifications of… [ read more ]

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