May, 2012

  • Banksy Unveils New Work

    England-based graffiti artist and painter Banksy has unveiled a set of new outdoor works and paintings. One of the revealed outdoor pieces is a basic outline of a female body, accented by very conveniently located foliage. His five new paintings… [ read more ]

  • Osaka Mayor Causes Controversy with Tattoo Survey

    In Japan the tattoo culture is anything but mainstream. With the popular association of tattoos with miscreants and yakuza (gangsters), many Japanese tattoo enthusiasts either hide their ink or face criticism.  Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto has heated up the tattoo… [ read more ]

  • Staple Design x Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Headphones

    The new Staple Design x Beats By Dre Studio Headphones dropped at the Beats By Dr. Dre Soho store launch party last night. The headphone design is inspired by each New Yorker’s favorite dirty flying rodent, the pigeon. The headphones… [ read more ]

  • More New Ink From Trace Cyrus

    Following a successful weekend at Bamboozle, Trace Cyrus returned home to L.A. where he added to his rapidly growing tattoo collection. While getting the other side of his head inked up last night, boxer Manny Pacquiao popped in to watch… [ read more ]

  • Travis Barker’s Third Tattoo in Three Weeks

    Barker is at it again this time putting finishing touches on his Jesus piece by Franco Vescovi.

  • Convention Recap; Hell City.

    The flames were high, as always, at this year’s Hell City. This summer marks “a decade of sin” for the tattoo festival that was started by Durb Morrison back in 2002. Cheesy wording aside, this festival is always packed full… [ read more ]

  • Worst Rock Tattoos Ever Part 3

    A big thanks to the crew at for bringing us the top ten worst rock tattoos ever. You can check out some of our favorites in the gallery below or just check out all three tattoo galleries on Loudwire.