June, 2012

Tattooed Man Seeks Election Ballot In India

June 25 2012

Wonder if he’ll get as many votes as he has tattoos? Har Prakash, who claims to hold 22 Guinness World records, is putting his name in the hat for the upcoming Presidential election in India. And he’s using his many,… [ read more ]

Singer Pixie Lott Tattoos Fan’s Leg

June 25 2012

Some people like to relax while on vacation. Pixie Lott administers ink on her fans. The singer, 21, was away in Greece when she was approached by a male fan with the request to be tattooed by her. “He already… [ read more ]

Tattoo Parlors Must Clean Up Act Thanks To New Law

June 25 2012

Starting on July 1, California tattoo parlors will have to comply with the regulations enforced by the Safe Body Act that was passed in October. Businesses that work in body modification will be required to register with local governments and… [ read more ]

Duff Goldman Opens New Cake Shop In Los Angeles

June 25 2012

Los Angeles is about to be covered in icing thanks to Duff Goldman.  The baker, famous for his stunning out-of-the-box designs and Food Network show “Ace of Cakes”, is opening a new DIY shop called Cakemix. Located next door to… [ read more ]

Deadmau5 Release New Video “The Veldt”

June 25 2012

Deadmau5 has a new video out called “The Veldt”, which is inspired by the late author Ray Bradbury. Bradbury wrote a short story called “The World The Children Made”, which was published by “The Saturday Evening Post” in 1950. The… [ read more ]

Letterman Scolds Justin Bieber About Tattoos

June 22 2012

Last night David Letterman gave his guest Justin Bieber a bit of a hard time about his new tattoo. And by “gave him a bit of a hard time,” I mean, “Letterman yanked Bieber’s newly inked arm and gave him… [ read more ]

New Gadget: Samsung Galaxy S III Review and Launch Event

June 21 2012

iPhoner’s get ready to convert, Samsung Mobile has just launched their newest mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Of course with the release of the phone, Samsung had to do it big with celebrity filled day and night events… [ read more ]

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