June, 2012

Canadian Student Protesters Get Inked In Solidarity

June 18 2012

  Two hundred people gathered at the Place Émilie-Gamelin in Montreal last Thursday to protest a tuition increase, with half of the group getting tattoos to symbolize the movement. The event, nicknamed “tattoo-a-thon”, was organized by a blogger named Gabriel… [ read more ]

“Living Art” Tattoo Exhibit Showcases Art And Models

June 18 2012

  The Mistlin Gallery in Modesto, California will be hosting the exhibit “Living Art: Tattoo Show” through July. Drawings and paintings will be on display as the artists who created the work discuss tattooing styles and origins. The concept was… [ read more ]

Reformed Japanese Gangster Inspires Change Through Tattoos

June 18 2012

    An ex-gangster is looking to end the discrimination in his native country by giving residents full-body tattoos. Horiyoshi III, a former member of the yakuza crime organization in Japan, was angered at the hostility that tattooed people faced… [ read more ]

One Direction Member Gets Microphone Tattoo

June 18 2012

  Zayn Malik of the UK boy band One Direction showed off his new tattoo in Los Angeles this past weekend. Malik, 19, got a life-size microphone on his right forearm. He is no stranger to tattoos, with this latest… [ read more ]

Sailor Jerry’s 2012 Inked Girls of Florida Search

June 15 2012

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and Inked Magazine announce the search for the 2012 Sailor Jerry Calendar Girl! INKED is looking for gorgeous tattooed women who embody the taste and spice of Sailor Jerry for their 2012 Calendar. You don’t need… [ read more ]

Call of Duty Black Ops 2: Los Angeles 2025

June 15 2012

  Call of Duty fanatics beware… You are not ready or worthy of the sheer genius that is embedded in the new video game. The amount that you all have been waiting is nothing but gracious because the work the… [ read more ]

SUPRA x Lil Wayne

June 14 2012

Months after Lil Wayne announced that he would be starting his own shoe line we finally learn that he has decided to partner with SUPRA for this endeavor. Already a fan of the brand, wearing the Skytop since it was… [ read more ]

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