August, 2012

  • Unreleased Wu-Tang Comics

    The Wu-Tang Clan‘s 2010 collaboration album Wu-Massacre has inspired some colorful artwork that never got published. Illustrator Chris Bachalo designed the Wu-Massacre cover in comic-book fashion and then teamed up with art director/designer Alex Haldi to produce a comic book… [ read more ]

  • San Francisco Style Chuck Taylors

    Okay guys, so this is another totally self-indulgent post on my part. I’m a Converse fan through and through. You just can’t go wrong with a good pair of Chucks. I’m also an East-Coaster, but I still think you should… [ read more ]

  • Tattoo Enhancing Moisturizer

    I love the feeling of new ink. Granted, it’s usually a sore feeling, but it’s still oddly satisfying. …And then comes the itching and the peeling, and I’m running to CVS for the soap and ointment so my new ink… [ read more ]

  • Jeff Soto “Decay and Overgrowth”

      Starting September 8, Cali-based artist Jeff Soto will be showing his exhibit “Death and Overgrowth” at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. As the name implies, the series explores themes of life, death, growth, and nature in general. His colorful surrealism… [ read more ]

  • Shepard Fairey and Neil Young in “Americana”

    Shepard Fairey‘s back again with a new collection, and this time he’s brought Neil Young along for the ride. Well, kind of. Apparently Fairey’s a big Neil Young fan, so his new collection, Americana, is purely based off of Young’s… [ read more ]

  • Forever: The New Tattoo

      Gestalten is giving you 240 pages of tattoo history. You’re welcome. Forever: The New Tattoo investigates current developments in the world of contemporary tattooing. Photos and text document different tattoo styles, philosophies, and artists in order to piece together… [ read more ]

  • Star Wars Tribute Icon Apps

    Imagine if your iPhone or iPad had a lightsaber app. Or perhaps an app that helps you build your own Death Star. Okay, so maybe that’s a little implausible….not to mention dangerous. But you can still imagine your favorite Star… [ read more ]