August, 2012

Aakash Nihalani’s Three-Dimensional Shapes

August 24 2012

New York artist Aakash Nihalani combines his love of 3D geometric shapes with simple photographs to produce his latest project. Nihalani has fun with perspective by setting his colorful outlines against basic backdrops to create some pretty cool illusions. Check… [ read more ]

Marilyn Minter Installation at Mondrian SoHo

August 24 2012

Oh Fashion Week. A time of glitz and glamour and expensive designer names in New York….well, at least more than usual. In preparation of the big event, the Mondrian SoHo has collaborated with painter and photographer Marilyn Minter in presenting… [ read more ]

Tattoo Infections Linked to Contaminated Ink

August 24 2012

There are a lot of unhappy newly inked people this week. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found at least 22 confirmed cases of skin and soft tissue infection due to contaminated tattoo ink. The cases have… [ read more ]

Dolphins Fan Tattoos Logo on Skull

August 24 2012

Okay, so we’ve seen our share of epic fandom tattoos, but get ready for another. Miami Dolphiins fan Emmett Dove has gotten a tattoo of his favorite team’s logo. On his head. But apparently, the Dolphins are discussing the possibility… [ read more ]

Inked Presents: RSD Helmet Giveaway

August 24 2012

If you were thinking, “I wish someone understood my need for an intensely cool new Bell helmet,” then rejoice, because your torment is finally over. At Inked, we’ve got your back. We’re giving away the Bell Star RSD Speed Freak Carbon… [ read more ]

Airica, Our New Inked Girl

August 24 2012

Meet Airica, our newest Inked Girl! An Orange County bartender with a beautiful color full sleeve and some detailed rib work, Airica easily snagged your votes with her quality ink, unique style, and modeling skills. Check out more of Airica… [ read more ]

Awesome 18,000 Dollar PAC MAN Watch

August 23 2012

Have 18,000 dollars to just laying around, waiting to be spent? And do you also have an exciting fascination for Pac-Man? Then you should think about getting this awesome watch by Swiss brand company Romain Jerome. Adding to their already… [ read more ]

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