August, 2012

Technology Review: Urbanears Zinkin Headphones

August 23 2012

Okay guys, this will be my last product review. But let me just say, it will be great. These headphones are freaking awesome. In the pamphlet that comes with the headphone box, they advertise that they are the most comfortable… [ read more ]

Missy Franklin Celebrates Gold With Ink

August 20 2012

American gold medalist Missy Franklin had said in reports that once the games in London finished up, she was going to get an Olympics-inspired tattoo.She can crosss that item off of her list, because Franklin is officially an inked Olympian.Franklin… [ read more ]

Street Art Festival In UK Paints The Town

August 20 2012

Friday saw graffiti artists arrive in Bristol, England for the “See No Evil” street art festival.It’s the biggest street art festival in Europe and is celebrating its second year. As Bristol is the “spiritual home of underground artist Banksy,” festival… [ read more ]

Futura To Launch New Exhibition in NYC

August 20 2012

Street artist Futura will be opening a new exhibition called “Future Shock,” his first solo show in 12 years. The exhibit, which is being curated by Nemo Librizzi, will open on September 6 at Valmorbida in NYC. The art that… [ read more ]

Dancers Start Flash Mob On Plane For Kanye West

August 20 2012

Passengers on a recent flight were in for a major surprise of the Kanye West-kind.Dancers from West’s 2012 Australian tour had organized a flash mob as a thank you to West and their fellow dancers, using the choreography from the… [ read more ]

Urban Outfitters Teams Up With Stewart and Colbert

August 20 2012

If your wardrobe is looking a little less patriotic as the election gets closer, then you’re in luck!Comedy Central is joining forces with clothing chain Urban Outfitters in launching a merchandise line inspired by the massively popular programs “The Daily… [ read more ]

Odd Future Accessories

August 17 2012

This cute pink and yellow donut pillow sure looks like it could be the product of a sweet G-rated band that your kids could listen to. Or, it could be the cute pink and yellow donut pillow of horror core… [ read more ]

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