August, 2012

  • Ryan Phillippe Gets New Ink

    Actor Ryan Phillippe (a.k.a. Reese Witherspoon‘s ex) is no stranger to tattoos. We interviewed the actor back in 2010. And now it looks like Phillippe is going for the full sleeve. He was spotted out yesterday with some new roses… [ read more ]

  • Monster Diamond Tears Edge Headphones

      Monster has come out with yet another set of new, innovative headphones. The Diamond Tears Edge Headphones feature ControlTalk for Apple and ControlTalk Universal along with a bling-ed out design that certainly lives up to its name. The Diamond… [ read more ]

  • 007 Legends Pre-Order Packs

    007 Legends is all about pleasing their customers. They have put together an awesome pre-order package that is really worth it. Although the video game drops October 16th from Activision Publishing Inc., the makers are offering pre-order packs that come… [ read more ]

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops, Los Angeles 2025 Multi Player Preview

    Following up on our preview of Call of Duty: Black Ops Los Angeles 2025 we gave you back in June, we now present you with even more. The multiplayer preview! All that glitz and gold has nothing on this game,… [ read more ]

  • Technology Review: The Hybrid Series USB Case for iPhone 4/4s

    Ego & Company have created a product, that most would say would is common sense, but they have perfected it and even made it with cool colors.  The Hybrid Series USB Case is simple, but awesome. I know that I… [ read more ]

  • The Beautiful Brad Pitt Stars in Killing Them Softly Trailer

    The recently engaged and always sexy movie star Brad Pitt will fill his latest role as a gun slingn’ bad ass but always enlightening mobster. The trailer has been released for the feature Killing Them Softly  which was incredibly talked… [ read more ]

  • Japanese Youth Are Getting Their Tat’s Removed

    Japan is the latest country to see an influx of tattoo removals from their youth. The Takasu Clinic which has cosmetics surgery centers in 3 of Japans major cities, has reported a 20 percent increase in first-time tattoo removal patients… [ read more ]


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