August, 2012

Danny Trejo launches “TREJO,” luxury magazine with MYMAG and Inked

August 8 2012

Danny Trejo, the actor, the badass, the tatted and now the magazine editor. Trejo, MYMAG and Inked have teamed up to make “TREJO,” a limited edition luxury print and digital magazine that is 100 percent about the movie star. From… [ read more ]

Olympic Tattoos Are The Trend In London

August 6 2012

Forget swimming and gymnastics- the buzz around London are the tattoos being sported by the competing Olympians.Local tattoo shops in the host city are reporting a boost in business by the athletes and those involved in the events. The signature… [ read more ]

Tattoo Convention Brings Crowds To Mexico City

August 6 2012

Those with tattoos and those looking to get tattooed descended upon Mexico City this weekend for the annual Tattoo Art Mex 2012.Also at the convention was “Vampire Woman,” whose real name is Maria Jose Cristerna. She has tattoos, over thirty… [ read more ]

Tattoo Shop Supports Hate Crime Victim

August 6 2012

Hartland Tattoo in Lincoln, Neb. is raising money for a woman who reported that she was brutally assaulted in a hate crime last month.Adam Hart, the shop’s owner, is offering “NOH8” tattoos for $40 and is donating $10 from each… [ read more ]

DJ Launches Music Festival In Flint

August 6 2012

Drop Fest, a musical festival created by DJ Jerin Sage, will mark its debut this Saturday in Flint, Mich. and Sage couldn’t be any happier.“The only rules: have fun and don’t break anything,” he said. Sage, who hails from Flint,… [ read more ]

Olympian Misty May-Treanor Serves Up Tattoos

August 6 2012

Beach volleyball star Misty May-Treanor has more than just amazing skills in the sand. She’s also got a couple of thoughtful tattoos too.The gold medalist has a lower back tattoo of her grandmother’s initials that are in between the Roman… [ read more ]

A Collection Of Olympian Tattoos

August 6 2012

As the athletes competing in London focus on getting gold, many spectators are focusing on the different types of tattoos that the Olympians are sporting.The Dark Room has gathered 50 photos of some of the wide array of ink that… [ read more ]

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