October, 2012

North Carolina Mom Arrested for Tattooing Her 11-year-old Daughter

October 16 2012

Mother-daughter bonding went horribly awry for Odessa Clay when she was arrested for tattooing the outline of a heart near her daughter’s shoulder. “She asked me to do it,” Clay said. Clay, who used her own machine, said she numbed… [ read more ]

Spike Releases Preview of Newest Ink Master Episode

October 16 2012

In the third episode of Spike’s Ink Master, the artists trade in their tattoo machines for clippers at a barbershop. Clean lines and smooth designs are essential, but who will make the cut? Check out the preview below and tune… [ read more ]

Vincent Castiglia Retrospective

October 15 2012

If you want blood, you got it – currently at Sacred Gallery. Internationally acclaimed painter Vincent Castiglia is displaying his retrospective “Resurrection” at the gallery this month. New York-bred Castiglia has made a career of exploring life and death in… [ read more ]

Swatch Tattoo-Inspired Collection

October 15 2012

Swatch is releasing a new collection of tattoo-inspired watches in collaboration with French tattoo artist Tin-Tin and Swiss visual artist Emmanuelle Antille. The artists’ watches feature Swatch’s signature silicone sleeves with printed extracts from their unique designs, which incorporate koi… [ read more ]

Miley Cyrus and Fiancé Liam Hemsworth Get Matching Tats

October 15 2012

If you were perplexed by Miley Cyrus’ recently inked excerpt of President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1910 speech at Paris’ Sorbonne, be perplexed no more. Well, be less perplexed. The former Disney star’s incomplete sentence tattoo, which sprawls along her forearm, corresponds… [ read more ]

SOL Republic deadmau5 Headphones: Review

October 15 2012

Art, music, and technology come together beautifully in the new headphones from SOL Republic. The brand collaborated with digital artist Joshua Davis and Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5, on its deadmau5 Tracks HD headphones, which feature an elastic, “indestructible” headband and… [ read more ]

Comics and Costumes and Characters, Oh My!

October 13 2012

In a city like New York, where we are very much accustomed to the presence of “characters”, it comes as nothing short of a surprise that we are truly sad to see the 2012 New York Comic Con come to… [ read more ]

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