Tattooed Santa Stars in New Dreamworks Film

November 30 2012

A hulking Russian ex-swordfighter with tattooed forearms – sounds like the lead in a new Guy Ritchie flick, no? Alas, you will have to watch old DVD’s if you’re hankering for violence and British slang. Because this rugged new character… [ read more ]

Not All Ink is Good Ink

November 30 2012

“Did you see the article from AOL about Kaepernick’s ink?” was a text message I received from a friend late yesterday. I thought it was another one of the mainstream media’s we-need-a-new-angle-on-a-hot-athlete-so-hey-he-has-tattoos!-lets-talk-about-that pieces. Man I was wrong. When reading David… [ read more ]

Ink Master Recap: Traditional Japanese Tattoos

November 28 2012

In last night’s episode of Ink Master, balance was the key to success. Jamie’s twin sugar skulls allowed him to win his first flash challenge and the chance to assign canvases to the other contestants. Clint and Sarah found themselves… [ read more ]

Ink Master: It’s all about balance

November 27 2012

Tonight, the Ink Master artists get down and dirty with some bull-riding cowgirls. The flash challenge this week is all about balance, and the contestants must burn their designs into the girls’ leather chaps. Whoever can deliver the chaps with… [ read more ]

Holy Ink: Ink Master Episode 8 Recap

November 21 2012

Last night’s episode proved that two’s company…But only if you can work together. As a pair, Katherine “Tatu Baby” Flores and Jesse Smith easily beat out their competition with their complementary black and gray tattoos. When placed together, the girl… [ read more ]

Ink Master 8: Gradation Challenge Preview

November 20 2012

Tonight, the Ink Master artists must demonstrate their gradation skills by carving designs into scratchboards. But transitioning from dark to light won’t be easy. The contestants will work in teams of two to finish their flash challenge. As if that… [ read more ]

Daredevils turn roller coaster into two-man tattoo shop

November 20 2012

Tired of the same old tattoo rush? Try getting tattooed on a moving roller coaster. On October 25, brothers Burnaby Q. Orbax and Sweet Pepper Klopek did just that, breaking a Guinness World Record in the process. Orbax and Klopek,… [ read more ]

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