Meet the Latest Inked Girls Contest Winner: Jessica

October 24 2012

Stunner Jessica got your vote in the most recent Inked Girls contest. Check out more of her pics and learn more about the Denver-based hottie here!

Newest Ink Master Episode Promises A Flash Challenge Face Off

October 23 2012

In tonight’s episode of Ink Master, judges Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez put the contestants’ basic skills to the test by drawing their own flash designs for the artists to tattoo. Los Angeles Laker and tattoo collector Matt Barnes makes… [ read more ]

“Planet Ink”: A Global Look at Tattoos

October 22 2012

In “Planet Ink,” artist and writer Dale Rio takes on the Herculean task of finding the top 20 tattoo artists in the world – yes, in the whole world – and profiling them. Rio visits tattooists in countries like Denmark,… [ read more ]

First or 50th tattoo— Exquisite Body Art is the place to go in MI

October 19 2012

Exquisite Body Art is the home base for ink artists Rob Auquier, Jonathan Brown, and Bill Alcenius. Welcoming walk-ins from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, the door is always open for an art-hungry human canvas to get… [ read more ]

Harry Styles: Tween Heartthrob and Tattoo Fiend?

October 18 2012

Though One Direction’s shaggy-haired cutie Harry Styles recently turned 18, he’s wasted no time enjoying the spoils of his new legal rights (18 is the UK’s minimum age for tattooing). Harry’s already accumulated 24 different tats, including a five-pointed star… [ read more ]

From the Red Carpet to the Tattoo Shop: Emma Stone Visits Shamrock Tattoo

October 18 2012

Emma Stone has been attending all kinds of A-list events as of late, but homegirl traded her designer duds for jeans last night at a West Hollywood tattoo shop. She and a friend made an appearance at the Shamrock Tattoo… [ read more ]

Review: i Home i P4 Boombox

October 18 2012

iPhone and iPod-compatible, this techie boombox is a lighter, prettier, more advanced version of the bass-blasting behemoths we toted around in the 80s. Available in charcoal grey, aquamarine, or bright pink (like, splendidly, blindingly bright pink), the iP4 inspired this… [ read more ]

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