Dr. Dre and Beats Electronics Release Newest Products

October 18 2012

You’ve seen them before — the hipster kid on the subway, the cute girl in the elevator, the jogger in the park — all with brightly colored, cushioned headphones emblazoned with that unmistakable “b.” Beats headphones are everywhere, and with… [ read more ]

Two Dudes, One Kitchen

October 17 2012

Solid Dudes Kitchen is not your ordinary cooking show. Dudes Derek and Dave came together to give you their badass version of a cooking show complete with tattoos, heavy metal and, of course, some good eats. Check out Derek’s interview… [ read more ]

Ink Master Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

October 17 2012

         In this week’s episode of Ink Master, the competitors battled it out over electric razors for a barbershop flash challenge. Some excelled (Kay, with a smooth galactic design) and some failed miserably (Jesse shaved a toothy, googly-eyed grin onto… [ read more ]

Get a FREE Tattoo This Saturday

October 17 2012

         This Saturday at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly, Sailor Jerry Rum will be hosting a pop-up tattoo parlor and offering free Sailor Jerry tattoos from 12pm to 6pm. The pop-up is part of an event that will be going on both… [ read more ]

North Carolina Mom Arrested for Tattooing Her 11-year-old Daughter

October 16 2012

Mother-daughter bonding went horribly awry for Odessa Clay when she was arrested for tattooing the outline of a heart near her daughter’s shoulder. “She asked me to do it,” Clay said. Clay, who used her own machine, said she numbed… [ read more ]

Spike Releases Preview of Newest Ink Master Episode

October 16 2012

In the third episode of Spike’s Ink Master, the artists trade in their tattoo machines for clippers at a barbershop. Clean lines and smooth designs are essential, but who will make the cut? Check out the preview below and tune… [ read more ]

Vincent Castiglia Retrospective

October 15 2012

If you want blood, you got it – currently at Sacred Gallery. Internationally acclaimed painter Vincent Castiglia is displaying his retrospective “Resurrection” at the gallery this month. New York-bred Castiglia has made a career of exploring life and death in… [ read more ]

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