Culprit’s Zach Blumenfeld spills on ink, tour life, and studio plans

October 4 2012

  Having just wrapped their West Coast Tour 2012, Culprit is back in LA and ready to chat. We sat down with the indie rock band’s bassist, Zach Blumenfeld, to discuss all things music, tour life, and of course, tattoos…. [ read more ]

The Gypsy Gentleman Ties Tattoo Culture, History and Travel Into One Tidy Tattooed Package

October 2 2012

If you love tattoos, you’ll love The Gypsy Gentleman. The web series follows its tattoo artist host, Marcus Kuhn, as he travels to different cities and explores their vibrant tattoo culture. In each episode, Kuhn is accompanied by two local… [ read more ]

Seeing Spots: Artist creates lifelike portrait with tiny dots

October 2 2012

Armed with a single pen and some homemade rigs, Miami-based artist Miguel Endara filmed a video while he created a drawing of his father, using only dots. 3.2 million dots, to be exact. The self-taught artist practiced his pointillism in… [ read more ]

Chris Brown Debuts Fighter Plane Tattoo

September 25 2012

Looks like Chris Brown and Rihanna have something else in common! Brown showed off his newest tattoo on Sept. 12, a fighter plane on his torso. His tattoo artist, John Petro, tweeted “About to go in on this #fighterjet #f16… [ read more ]

Sabina Kelly Mural by Amanda Lynn

September 25 2012

We’re doing an aesthetic overhaul here at Inked Magazine and this is one of the newest additions to our wall space. This mural is Amanda Lynn’s depiction of the beloved Sabina Kelly. Leave some comments and show some love! 

Would you sell your skin for some quick cash?

September 25 2012

“Skinvertising” made its mark (pun intended) from the late 90s to mid-2000s. Joe Tamargo (above) auctioned off his skin to the highest dot-com bidders and still wears their flashy, colorful logos today. A 38-year-old Rochester, NY resident, Tamargo is a… [ read more ]

Need Stickers for Inked Mag’s New Sticker Wall

September 20 2012

We have started a new wall here at Inked Magazine and need the help of our creative customers, associates, and fans. Attached is a picture of our new “sticker wall,” and as you can see, we have A LOT of… [ read more ]

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