February, 2013

The Lexington Tattoo Project

February 19 2013

  Two tattoo artists came up with a brilliant idea to bring their community together. What is this brilliant idea you ask? A poem to Lexington, Kentucky written- in the form of permanent tattoos- on the bodies of over 250 residents… [ read more ]

B.T’s BBQ Tattoo

February 19 2013

In order to promote his new restaurant,Brian Treitman, owner of B.T.’s Smokehouse, launched a challenge on Facebook, offering a lifetime of free food to anyone who tattooed the logo of the establishment on themselves. Jason Christiansen, is a true BBQ… [ read more ]

The Shakers to rock The Roxy

February 19 2013

  Think about how epic it would be if The Black Keys meshed musically with The Supremes, and you have the sound of the eclectic band known as The Shakers. Hailing from Los Angeles with a charming, charismatic lead singer,… [ read more ]

Valentine’s Day Broquet

February 14 2013

Smelling the roses has never been more enjoyable then this morning when Smithfield dropped off a bouquet of bacon roses to the Inked headquarters for “Valenswine’s”. Paired with a bottle of Darkhorse Wine by E & J Gallo and the new… [ read more ]

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