July, 2013

SETA Smartphone Stand

July 9 2013

SETA: a universal, timeless and affordable smartphone stand that securely suspends your device and holds your charging cable. The SETA Smartphone Stand</a> works with all of the leading names in smartphones including the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4, and… [ read more ]

PaperFrank Presents “Pink Lemonade”

July 9 2013

Not everyone can be an artist, but everyone can enjoy art thanks to the massive amounts of art shows popping up all over the world.  July 11, 2013 marks the beginning of “Pink Lemonade,” a new solo exhibition featuring a… [ read more ]

Folding Ray-Ban Wayfarers

July 2 2013

Ray-Ban has done it again. The iconic company that creates the popular Wayfarer sunglasses has given them another makeover. Gone are the days of having to shove a pair of chunky sunglasses in your pocket or have them hanging from… [ read more ]

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