October, 2013

Fine Art Body Painting by Craig Tracy

October 24 2013

The Fine Art Bodypainting of Craig Tracy. Check out additional artwork from Craig Tracy’s Painted Alive Gallery at: http://www.craigtracy.com/

SullenTV: Tattoo Topic – Tattoo Gun or Tattoo Machine?

October 22 2013

Knowing the right vocab is essential in any industry. The way you refer to something can either point to your knowledge of a scene or your complete separation from it. And one major debate in the tattoo world is whether… [ read more ]

Sick Neck Pieces

October 18 2013

Amazing 3D Tattoos

October 18 2013

Sabina Kelley – Christian Saint Photographer

October 18 2013

Sabina Kelley: Sexy Modern Day Pinup, Inked Girl, and judge on the popular tattoo reality show, Best Ink 2. Photographed by famous celebrated fashion photographer Christian Saint.

Food Art by Klaus Enrique

October 17 2013

Klaus Enrique proves that playing with your food can be elevated to an art form in this gallery.  

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