October, 2013

Fine Art Body Painting by Craig Tracy

October 24 2013

The Fine Art Bodypainting of Craig Tracy. Check out additional artwork from Craig Tracy’s Painted Alive Gallery at:¬†http://www.craigtracy.com/

SullenTV: Tattoo Topic – Tattoo Gun or Tattoo Machine?

October 22 2013

Knowing the right vocab is essential in any industry. The way you refer to something can either point to your knowledge of a scene or your complete separation from it. And one major debate in the tattoo world is whether… [ read more ]

Sick Neck Pieces

October 18 2013

Amazing 3D Tattoos

October 18 2013

Sabina Kelley – Christian Saint Photographer

October 18 2013

Sabina Kelley: Sexy Modern Day Pinup, Inked Girl, and judge on the popular tattoo reality show, Best Ink 2. Photographed by famous celebrated fashion photographer Christian Saint.