November, 2013

Inked Girl on Girl

November 15 2013

Gizmo Tattoos

November 15 2013

We’d be happy to find Gizmo under our Christmas tree!  

Sexiest Tattooed Women

November 15 2013

These are some of the sexiest tattooed women on the Internet!

The Many Sides of the Swastika

November 14 2013

Would you ever get a swastika tattoo? In the last 70 years the symbol has been associated with the unthinkable destruction Adolf Hitler and the Nazis inflicted upon the world, long forgotten are the thousands of years that the swastika… [ read more ]

Women’s Gift Guide

November 14 2013

1. Keep warm this winter with this Cruz Print Scarf. Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Crux Print Scarf 2.  Rock some killer heels with these Burgundy Predator High Heel by Hades. Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Burgundy Predator High Heel by Hades 3.  Hearts look better in their true… [ read more ]

Traditional Gift Guide

November 14 2013

Having trouble figuring out the perfect gift for your favorite tattoo lover? Don’t worry, we’re here to help with this awesome gift guide filled with cool products from INKEDSHOP.COM. 1. You’ll be the hostess with the mostest when you wear… [ read more ]

A Better Sriracha

November 13 2013

There is a panic that Huy Fong Sriracha will have to have cease production! While the Rooster Sauce makes our mouth water, the townspeople who live around the factory in Southern California went to court saying that the facility’s emissions… [ read more ]

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