November, 2013

  • Badass Tattoos

    The real shame about getting a great tattoo on one’s backside is that they must remain hidden under pants the majority of the time. Luckily pants aren’t mandatory at so take a look at these badass tattoos.  

  • Mr. Cartoon

    The most daunting aspect of getting a tattoo is committing to the idea of having one image etched into your skin forever. Artist Patrick Yurick had wanted a tattoo for a long time but was having trouble committing to just… [ read more ]

  • SullenTV: Tattoo Portfolio Peek with Halo

    Sullen TV recently caught up with color-realism artist, Halo. Halo is the owner of Black Lotus Tattoo in Maryland and has spent the last several years perfecting his freehand tattooing abilities. Check out this video to see some of the… [ read more ]

  • Kid’s Gift Guide

    1. Furrybones® love costumes to DEATH! The Furrybones® Octopee Plush by Summit Collection is a cute stuffed animal featuring the signature skeleton Furrybones dressed up as a pink octopus. Made with superb craftsmanship, this super soft pink Octopee is ready to snuggle you for years to… [ read more ]

  • Pin Up Gift Guide

    It doesn’t matter if your fashion emulates classic pin ups or if you are shopping for the pin up in your life, INKEDSHOP.COM has everything that you will need this holiday season. 1. No one will mistake you for a… [ read more ]

  • Skull Lover’s Gift Guide

    From shirts to backpacks to shot glasses INKEDSHOP.COM has every skull-related item you have imagined and probably a few that you haven’t. 1. Let this fierce looking skull protect your gear in the Python Peterson by Mojo Backpacks. Available at… [ read more ]

  • HotShots: Bilacous

    While we love, love, love tattooed women, often there is a star on the other side of the camera. Meet Bilacous an amazing shooter from Portsmouth, England. We pick his brain in the interview below and show his amazing eye in… [ read more ]


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