December, 2013

Q&A: Doc Hammer

December 12 2013

One half of Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. talks ink, art, and perhaps a new character for Season 6. Doc Hammer is a true artist. He paints, he plays in a shoe-gazing band called Weep, and along with Jackson Publick, he produces/writes/voices/everythings… [ read more ]

Koi Tattoos

December 11 2013

Few images are more common throughout Asian tattooing than that of the koi fish. For the most part the tattoos are thought to symbolize good fortune. According to legend if a koi was able to swim upstream at a certain… [ read more ]

Fuck This Guy: Terry Robert Hardy

December 11 2013

Recently Terry Robert Hardy, a gymnastics coach at Park High School in Cottage Grove, Minn., was accused of tattooing a 15-year-old student without the permission of her parents. Fuck this guy. Hardy was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor… [ read more ]

Cats as Pin-ups

December 11 2013

Two of our favorite things in the world are pin-up models and silly internet cats. We had always assumed that if you were to put those two interests on to a Venn diagram that there would be no overlap. Boy were… [ read more ]

Filip Leu Body Pieces

December 10 2013

Filip Leu, a third-generation artist and second-generation tattooer, has become world renowned for his tattoo body suits. Together with his parents he created “The Leu Family’s Family Iron Studio and Museum” in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1982. Check out some of Filip Leu’s… [ read more ]

Feminine Chest Tattoos

December 10 2013

When a woman has a fantastic chest tattoo how is a poor guy supposed to avoid staring at it? Check out this gallery of some of the sexiest chest tattoos that we could find.  

Drawn Together

December 10 2013

Every parent hates being forced to spend extended time away from his or her children, especially when it’s for work. Tattoo artist and inventor Fred Giovannitti and his children have come up with a cool way to ease the pain… [ read more ]

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