Skull Art

December 9 2013

The human body has always been an inspiration for artists — even after the body has decayed and there is nothing but a skeleton left. Skulls were the inspiration, and in some cases the medium, for this gallery of art… [ read more ]

Save Your Own Skin

December 9 2013

Most of the things that a person will pass down to their loved ones upon their death are pretty standard — real estate, money, family heirlooms, etc. — but a tattoo artist from the Netherlands wants people to include their… [ read more ]

Patriotic Tattoos

December 9 2013

What better way to show your love of country than with a patriotic tattoo? Here’s a collection of tattoos dedicated to the United States of America.  

Blue Tattoos

December 6 2013

The right color ink can make even a seemingly mundane tattoo pop right off of the skin. Check out these tattoos featuring vivid blue ink.  

A Touching Tribute Tattoo

December 5 2013

One of the most popular reasons for getting a tattoo is to pay tribute to someone you care about who has passed away. Since tattoos are permanent a tribute tattoo is a way of holding on to the person’s memory… [ read more ]

Christmas Pinups

December 5 2013

Not everything during the holiday season has to be boring and wholesome; this gallery of pinup art features all sorts of women we wouldn’t mind getting stuck under the mistletoe with. Don’t open your presents before Christmas! Special delivery. Check… [ read more ]

Coffee Art

December 5 2013

We firmly believe that almost anything can be turned into a piece of art; skin, sidewalks and even the food we eat can be given an artistic flourish. The foam at the top of a latte offers up a fine… [ read more ]

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