• Remarkable Vintage Tattoos

    In recent years tattooing has exploded in the United States with more people flaunting ink than ever before. This is not to say that it’s a new trend; these vintage pictures will show that people have been fully inked for… [ read more ]

  • Hot Tattooed Jewish Women

    In honor of Hanukkah we have created a gallery of all of our favorite women who will be lighting the menorah this year. Ally LevineĀ gives a “come hither” look in this selfie. Ananda Joy shows off her amazing back piece…. [ read more ]

  • Inspiring Mastectomy Tattoos

    Lace bra post-mastectomy tattoo for Melissa Shelley by Rebellious Tony at Ink Couture, Staten Island, NY. Tattoo by Kari Barba, Outer Limits Tattoo, Long Beach, CA. Beautiful bra post-mastectomy tattoo by Shane Wallin of Twilight Tattoo, Minneapolis, MN. Tattoo by… [ read more ]

  • Friends of Inked Holiday Gift Guide

    NYC STATE OF MIND The NYC Drape Tank from 7th Revolution ($35, INKEDSHOP.COM) is a versatile piece. This 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex Top has a soft feel but a hard look for tough chicks. Enter code INKED at checkout for… [ read more ]

  • Hilarious Misspelled Tattoos

    If you ask anyone who writes for a living what the world’s greatest invention is many will scream out “spell check!” Unlike computers tattoo guns don’t come equipped with spell check and every once in a while a few spelling… [ read more ]

  • The Art of Luis Portillo

    El Salvadorian Luis Portillo has found a muse in tattooed women. Here are women taken from nature and reproduced by his hand. Dita Von Teese Gangster Juice My Marilyn   Treat your tattooed muse by getting her this Vintage Darling… [ read more ]

  • Skulls Made From Food

    Dimitri Tsykalov has made a name for himself by making provocative art work from mundane items. In this gallery you can see a collection of skulls that the Russian born artist made out of fruits.


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