February, 2014

  • Tattoos by Bacanu Bogdan

    Bacanu Bogdan is a Romanian tattoo artist who is churning out some of the sickest work in the world right now. Many of Bogdan’s tattoos are downright scary in both how realistic they look and in the subjects they depict…. [ read more ]

  • Jean-François (Jef) Palumbo Tattoos

    Jean-François (Jef) Palumbo is a tattoo artist who lives and works in Belgium, at the tattoo and piercing studio Boucherie Moderne. Palumbo’s works are highly original, conceptual, and contemporary. He creates a colorful, surreal world where images typical of street art… [ read more ]

  • Fox Tattoos

    We always love nature tattoos here at Inkedmag.com. Whether it be animals from the sea, the jungle or the forests we tend to enjoy them. For this gallery we collected a bunch of tattoos of one of the most sly… [ read more ]

  • Finnish Tattooed Model Sara Fabel

    When you think of Finland it’s only natural to think of frozen tundras filled with piles of snow and ice. It turns out that Finland is actually quite hot, or at least it’s citizens are. Sara Fabel is a tattooed… [ read more ]

  • Fifty State Tattoos (And D.C. Too!)

    People tend to get tattoos of things they are proud of. Often times this means getting ink to commemorate the birth of a child or to celebrate a life achievement. It is also quite common for people to get tattoos… [ read more ]

  • Female Stomach Tattoos

    One thing that unites many of the sexiest women in the world is the presence of fine tattoos on their stomachs. We love to see ink peeking out of the top of a woman’s pants and the bottom of their… [ read more ]

  • This Guy Really Likes Fish Sticks

    One trait that seems to be shared by everyone on Earth is a desire to go to extraordinary lengths in order to get something for free. In order to win tickets for a Kanye West concert Art Commisso will be… [ read more ]