February, 2014

Curves and Tattoos

February 5 2014

Here at Inkedmag.com we love all of the tattooed women but a special place in our heart is reserved for those with curves. In this gallery we gathered together some of the sexiest curvy women with sick ink for you… [ read more ]

‘King of Ink Land’ Denied Passport Due to Name

February 5 2014

When one of the United Kingdom’s most tattooed citizens was denied a passport by the HM Passport Office one might assume that his extensive body art might have been part of the reason and you would be correct, sort of…. [ read more ]

Tattoos by Sasha Unisex

February 5 2014

Sasha Unisex is a tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her work is amazing in the way that it all looks as if it were painted on with watercolors. Unisex is clearly inspired by nature but she manages to put… [ read more ]

Paralympic Ink

February 5 2014

After a conversation filled with snowboard lingo, positive mantras and tattoo talk, we’ve decided that Keith Gabel sure is one interesting guy. Apologies to the Dos Equis spokesman, but you’ve got some competition. The Paralympic snowboarder took some time out from his busy schedule training for the 2014 Paralympic Games… [ read more ]

Bacon Tattoos

February 4 2014

Few foods are as revered as bacon. Bacon is not only delicious but it is one of the few foods that is acceptable to be served at every meal; you can have bacon and eggs in the morning, a BLT… [ read more ]

Anchor Tattoos

February 4 2014

Here at Inkedmag.com we love tattoos that have a lot of tradition behind them. Since an anchor is what holds a ship in place sailors recognize anchors as the most stable thing in their lives, therefore it became a very… [ read more ]

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