August, 2014

Puppet Tattoos

August 28 2014

The last few weeks we’ve noticed a tremendous boom in tattoos that look like they are creating shadow puppets. So we decided to look into the trend a little bit more and discovered that not only are shadow puppets hugely… [ read more ]

Tattoos on Tattoos

August 27 2014

Here at INKED we love both tattoos and pin-ups, so what better way to show our appreciation for both than to showcase all of our favorite tattoos of pin-up girls with tattoos.  That’s right, people get tattoos on tattoos and… [ read more ]

Mother/Daughter Tattoos

August 27 2014

Though there are a lot of myths about getting couples’ tattoos, it seems like there is no bad juju around getting a mother/daughter tattoo.  With “mom” tattoos typically being some of the first tattoos people get, it’s always good to… [ read more ]

Architecture Tattoos

August 26 2014

We love collaborations between different forms of art. For this gallery we are highlighting the unlikely collaboration between tattoo art and architecture. Some of the world’s most famous buildings have been inked into the skin of the people within this… [ read more ]

31 Viking Tattoos to Inspire the Norse Lover in You

August 26 2014

Vikings are some of the coolest and most interesting figures in history, still having a cultural impact today. Norse mythology inspired the creation of the superhero Thor and his villainous brother, Loki. The Viking culture itself inspired film and television… [ read more ]

Wu Tang Clan Tattoos

August 26 2014

One can make the argument that no group of rappers has been more influential than the Wu Tang Clan. The Wu Tang Clan’s influence isn’t limited to music either; they have dipped their toes into all forms of pop culture…. [ read more ]

Raven Tattoos

August 25 2014

Fall is just around the corner and one of the strangest birds closely associated with the season is the raven.  Perhaps made famous in the mainstream thanks to Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven,” people from all over the world… [ read more ]

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