August, 2014

Tattoos by Matteo Pasqualin

August 25 2014

Matteo Pasqualin is proof that Europe has become one of the hottest hubs for highly-talented tattoo artists.  Pasqualin is located in Milan, Italy, and is one of the best black and grey realism artists we’ve ever come across.  Pasqualin has… [ read more ]

Skull Tattoos

August 22 2014

Tattoo and tattoo artists have always been fond of dark imagery in their work. Naturally, skulls are one of the most popular tattoos. One of the things that is so awesome about skull tattoos is that there are so many… [ read more ]

Cyborg Tattoos

August 22 2014

Robots are supposedly our future, but with films like Terminator and I, Robot, it’s hard to tell whether having these mechanical beings is a good thing or not.  Nevertheless, robots and cyborgs are typically really cool looking and make for… [ read more ]

Wiz Khalifa and Converse, Together Again

August 22 2014

The first time Wiz Khalifa and Converse collaborated to create a line of shoes in the fall of 2013 the results were a resounding success. Ever since then sneaker heads have been eagerly awaiting the time when the iconic sneaker… [ read more ]

Tattoos by Andre Zechmann

August 22 2014

Andre Zechmann is a highly talented realism tattoo artist located in Austria.  With his playful and highly detailed style, Zechmann is surely one of the top up-and-coming artists on the international scene.  His pieces maintain a high level of quality… [ read more ]

Sacred Heart Tattoos

August 21 2014

One of the most important pieces of imagery within the Roman Catholic Church is the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart—usually depicted aflame wrapped in a crown of thorns with divine light emanating from it—represents Jesus Christ’s love for humanity. Naturally,… [ read more ]

Bettie Page Tattoos

August 21 2014

There were pin up models before Bettie Page and there have been pin up models since Bettie Page but it is impossible to think of any other model when thinking of pin ups. Bettie Page was THE pin up model…. [ read more ]

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