Tattoos by Mario Hartmann

December 26 2014

It really is a remarkable feat when one artist can create tattoos that are simply horrifying and others that are unspeakably beautiful, but Mario Hartmann does just that. Hartmann creates some of the most impressive realistic portraits in the game… [ read more ]

Post X-Mas Gift Guide

December 26 2014

Your house is probably still covered in wrapping paper and your head is pounding from too much eggnog but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start thinking about buying some cool stuff for yourself. Maybe Santa didn’t bring you exactly what you… [ read more ]

Tattoos by Alice Carrier

December 25 2014

Skulls and flowers are Alice Carrier‘s forte.  Her signature style strays from the more masculine imagery usually associated with the skeletal-rose combo, instead she holds her own with a very delicate and refined aesthetic, making her work instantly recognizable.  Take… [ read more ]

Tattoos by David Klvac

December 24 2014

David Klvac is one of the best tattoo artists to come out of the Czech Republic. Klvac also claims to be a Jedi on his Instagram and even if that’s not true the force is strong with his tattooing. Klvac… [ read more ]

Sailor Jerry Meets David Lynch in These Twin Peaks Pinups

December 23 2014

Most fans of the cult-classic TV series Twin Peaks will likely admit that they had little to no idea of what was actually going on in the show. Hell, the show’s creator David Lynch might also have been a bit lost…. [ read more ]

American Horror Story’s Historical Tattooed Freak Show

December 23 2014

Aliens, witches and ghosts, oh my! For all the die-hard American Horror Story fans out there that have been following Ryan Murphy’s antithesis to the joyful musical camp found in Glee, you can easily associate these fictional creatures aptly to… [ read more ]

Ink Master Presents “Merry Ink”

December 23 2014

  Tonight, Tuesday, December 23, Ink Master is back for a very special holiday episode!  “Merry Ink” is a one-night event bringing back some of your favorite Ink Master alumni to battle it out for a $10,000 prize. The contestants… [ read more ]

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