A Woman Scorned- The Hannya Mask Project

The devastating 9.0 earthquake and tsunami that swept over the cities and farmland in North East Japan a year ago led to people from all over the globe pitching in to either donate independently or run massive fundraising drives. Ant Iannucci is just one of the compassionate people who organized a massive fundraiser to benefit Japan. Along with renowned FX artist Nix Herrera, Iannucci organized The Hannya Mask Project. Nix created the sculpt, mold, and casts of the resin Hannya mask blanks, which were then sent to 50 artists from all over the North America. These 50 Hannya masks were then exhibited at Orlando’s Twelve21 Gallery and put up for auction online. Partnered with American Red Cross of Central Florida, when 2 rounds of the auction concluded they had raised $5,282.61 for the relief effort.
“We would like to thank everyone for their support, from the artists who donated their time and talent, to the gallery and Laughing Samurai for creating the website www.hannyamaskproject.com (where the masks can still be viewed), to the many sponsors who helped promote in various ways and a special thank you to all those who bid on and purchased these works of art. It is a testament to the power or organized action and the difference it can make.”-Ant Iannucci
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