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Inkedmag.com is the online home of Inked magazine—the premiere tattoo lifestyle content producer of all media. It is the digital convergence of culture, style, and art. Inked is the celebration of rebellious lifestyle and the voice of hip, edgy, and creative individualists. Packed with stunning photography, cutting edge content, and the latest in tattoos, fashion, music, art, and pop culture that connect an audience of innovators in an unparalleled way.

On inkedmag.com you will find stories on people at the top of the tattoo world like Kat Von D, Oliver Peck and Ami James, tattooed celebrities and tattooed actors such as “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, Adam Levine, and Justin Theroux, musicians including Rihanna, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, and Lady Gaga, athletes like LeBron James, Birdman Chris Anderson, and Mike Tyson as well as hot photo shoots of female celebrities like Malin Ackerman, Eve and JWoww Jenni Farley. You’ll also find many celebrity tattoos ideas and celebrity tattoo designs.

Our Inked Girls are the hottest tattooed girls on the internet. They are the compelling inked women next door shot sexy and professionally. Some of the tattooed ladies you can meet through our Inked Girl shoots are Jessie Lee Denning, Leah Jung, Sabina Kelly, Jayme Foxx, Radeo Suicide, Levy Tran, Micheline Pitt, Alysha Nett, Vanessa Lake, and Cleo Wattenstrom. Inked Girls has more sexy tattooed girls than any other website.

Of course tattoos, tattoo designs and tattoo ideas are a large part of inkedmag.com. Whether you are looking for tattoo ideas from old school tattoo masters such as Sailor Jerry flash like tattoo anchor, tattoo stars, tattoo skulls, white tattoos, tattoo butterflies or custom tattoo designs, we have great reference material for any type of tattoo from realism to trash polka. We house tattoo images of all styles: Old School Traditional American, Japanese, Black and Grey, Photo Realistic, Portraiture, Pin-Up, Nu School, Tribal, Bio-Mechanical, Trash Polka tattoos and Maori. You can also find profiles and photos of the work of the best tattoo artists—Jack Rudy, Don Ed Hardy, Scott Campbell, Paul Booth, Joe Capobianco, Chris Nunez, Tim Hendricks, Tommy Montoya, Freddy Negrete, Philadelphia Eddy, and more have tattoo artists portfolios on inkedmag.com. You can also seek out quality tattoo artists in your city through our Local Tattoo page which tips you off to the best tattoo artists in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and every city in between.

If you would like to contribute your tattoo work or model for inkedmag.com or Inked Magazine you can upload here as this isn’t just a website, it is a community for the tattoo scene.