Accessory Review: Crumpler Bags!

So we recently blogged about the re-opening of Crumpler’s Soho store, but the awesome luggage guru’s sent us some merch, so here is an official review! I am pretty sure that all of Crumpler’s swag is the bomb, but for right now we will be reviewing the Private Zoo book bag, in grey and yellow, and the Peak Season duffle bag in red.

Private Zoo Backpack

Just like every other bag at Crumpler, the Private Zoo line is sleek, elegant and funcitonal. Coming in the complimentary colors of grey and yellow among others, the bag is exactly what students need. With a pocket in the front that has enough room for a wallet, pencils, your bowl… what have you. The larger pocket on top, can fit any of one’s school needs with a slot for your laptop, and room for your textbooks, notebooks, iPad, basically anything that you would store in a backpack. It’s roomy and pretty. The best part of this bag  to me is the back padding, for when your load gets a little too large to carry. This is a great backpack for those who carry basic items and is still quite fun.

Peak Season Tote

This bag transforms from a small pouch to a nice sized tote that is spacious enough to a “duffle.” Just pull from the inside out for 30 seconds, this bag is great in any situation, whether you are coming from the gym, or taking a vacation and you wan to bring another bag for all the things that you buy. A little bit feminine, this bag is a necessity for everyone who is always on the move. The tons of pockets don’ t hurt either. Folding it back up when you are done may seem a little difficult, but we believe in you.

These bags did what they set out to do, by being functional, classy. Go check out the store and pick up the newest fall lines. Do you want to have the best bags on the market? Then go their website, their fall line will be out soon. Will you buying a Crumpler soon?

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