Amanda Seyfrieds Quirky Side and Unusual Tattoo

When we think of Amanda Seyfried, a beautiful blonde bombshell comes to mind along with Dear John and Mama Mia. Seyfried started as a model at 11 years old and today is known for her acting talents. Had it not been for Seyfried to admit she can be quite crude and vulgar, we would only expect to think of her as innocent. To add to her dirty humor, Seyfried also has a tattoo on the inside of her left foot. In black ink “minge” is written on her foot. Minge is a slang term in England that refers to a woman’s private area and was her nickname on the set of Mama Mia. Seyfried and her co-star, Rachel McDowell both got matching tattoos because they knew it would bring many laughs for years to come.

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