Ami James On Tattoos, Travel, And Balancing Life

Wooster St. Social Club’s Ami James knows a lot about tattoos and the customers who want them. As he divides his time between his shops in New York and Miami, the star of TLC’s “NY Ink” takes note of the personalities who are looking to get inked.

“It’s like a culture in New York, and it’s a refreshing change from Miami, where most of our customers are tourists,” James said.

He has also taken note of tattoos that customers have been receiving lately. “People like to get lettering and poetry. They’d get an amazing quote or something that’s significantly moving to them,” he said.

While he admits that doing portrait tattoos makes him nervous because they require a lot of practice (which he said he has been working on), James does believe in going above and beyond for customers no matter what their tattoo request might be.

“I try to do tattoos that I usually don’t feel comfortable doing because I know how much they mean to people,” he said, “I try to pride myself on being able to do almost everything.”

James, who has been tattooing since he started a tattoo apprenticeship at age 21, also prides himself on his staff. There are members of his tattoo team that aren’t seen on “NY Ink.” 

“They are the ones tending to the customers. They are the spine of the company,” he said.

Besides the travel, also making it difficult to run his tattoo empire is his family life. James and his wife have two young daughters and it has an impact on his schedule. “It’s a positive change in my life, but I’d have to spend more time at home,” he said, “When I’m in New York, I still have to work. It’s a juggle but we make it happen.”

Judging by his success, it seems he has been able to do that with ease.


Source: New Straits Times

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