“Are you a Hipster?”- i am OTHER: Stereotypes Video

Of all the stereotypes a person can choose to identify with, “hipster” has become a popular choice. What classifies someone as a hipster is loosely determined in this video by the characteristics of skinny jeans, Jazz music and widely brimmed hats. Whether or not you are a hipster, you will enjoy this i am OTHER: Stereotypes – “Are You A Hipster,” video because of the sheer stereotypical and hilarious comments.

This webisode is a part of the Stereotypes series which is a random people on the street survey show included in the i am OTHER entertainment page created by rapper Pharrell Williams. This creative website features everything from interviews of celebrities by well know citizen journalist Nardwuar to Pharrell’s State of the Union series which sheds light on people that he finds interesting.

Watch the video below, and ask yourself- are you a hipster? And check out the i am OTHER website for more.

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