You don’t know me from Adam.

July 27 2011

I got my first tattoo in 1977 when a fellow second-grader accidentally stabbed me in the triceps with her pencil. It would be another 12 years before I would purposely mark my skin, yet that small but distinct pencil mole… [ read more ]

Nico Tortorella is Ready for His Close-Up

April 21 2011

Before his name is splashed on a marquee Nico Tortorella is already polished; he dresses impeccably and speaks like the best screenwriters in Tinseltown have crafted his lines. “My body is my journal,” he says. “It reminds me who I… [ read more ]

Q & A With Jesse Metcalfe

March 9 2011

In the same way Justin Timberlake transformed from Tiger Beat staple to cool guys’ guy, Jesse Metcalfe is morphing from the stuff of a teenage girl’s dreams to badass actor. Metcalfe became a household name during his six years playing… [ read more ]

Q & A With Chris Pontius

December 20 2010

If you don’t immediately recognize the man to the right, that’s because he is normally wearing far less. The artful dodger of cheetahs and nut shots has made a name for himself dressing like Tarzan and male strippers on Wildboyz… [ read more ]


December 7 2010

Into the Wild I am 10 years old, But filled with 34 Souls—one for each Year I’ve scrolled, I am the hottest time In your life—now Turned cold. I am Basquiat’s greatest work, Now worn—yet still sold. But I really… [ read more ]

Debra Skelton

May 25 2010

Name: Debra Skelton What is your job? I’m an actress/comedian What social causes are most important to you? Animal welfare and at-risk-youth What charities do you support? Create Now, New Leash On Life Animal Rescue, The Four Legged Friends Foundation,… [ read more ]

Inked In The industry

May 24 2010

The Actor :: Justin Theroux “Odi et Amo,” reads one of Justin Theroux’s tattoos. Taken from a poem by Roman author Catullus, it translates to “I hate and I love.” The quote doesn’t have any real meaning for the actor… [ read more ]

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