Mister Cartoon’s Sanctiond Garage

July 10 2012

WE’RE IN A NEW CULTURAL MOVEMENT IN WHICH IF YOU WANT TO THRIVE you’ve got to be a polymath—a Renaissance man, proficient in a number of areas. Mister Cartoon is street culture’s best multihyphenate: a tattooer-graffiti-artist-marketer-designer-car-products-maker. And the latest hyphen,… [ read more ]

Steve Meade

July 26 2011

The subject of the e-mail was: “Dude’s system shreds a phone book!” The body of the e-mail was a YouTube link that played a video of a goateed guy in a flat-brimmed ball cap and sleeves taking you through the… [ read more ]


February 4 2010

Southern California custom car guru Skratch laughs cautiously about the flowing script across the front of his Skratch’s Garage T-shirt that reads, “I ain’t the best but I’m better than you.” After a pause he admits, “Well, it’s kinda true.”… [ read more ]

Forza Motorsport 3

December 9 2009

Spend more time with your cars than with your girlfriend? Look into counseling and clear your schedule. With 400 road burners from 50 manufacturers, Forza 3’s garage makes Jay Leno’s car collection look like a used car lot. The second… [ read more ]

Sleeper Cells

October 15 2009

The parking lot at your local mall is probably packed with cars like the Toyota Corolla. That’s because Toyota, Nissan, and Honda have eclipsed other Asian automakers in the States for years. And while their sales dominance won’t change anytime… [ read more ]

Little Brutes

September 3 2009

We’re all starting to do the right thing by dumping gas-chugging SUV s, but is it for all the wrong reasons? Sure, making the switch helps the environment, but these days, driving an overpowered little monster is as fashionable as… [ read more ]

Muscle & Flow

September 3 2009

The most prolific era of the American muscle car started in 1970, when growling engines, screeching tires, and acrid blue smoke were lit in the night by the glow of a thousand red taillights. 1970 was also the year the… [ read more ]

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