Celebrity Tattoo

  • Travis Barker

    What’s drummer Travis Barker’s beauty? His ability to vacillate between genres. Case in point: His new EP, Psycho White, with rapper YelaWolf. And his ink. Travis Barker’s spirit animal must be a chameleon. His extensively tattooed skin demands to be… [ read more ]

  • Chris Rene: Q & A

    Newly signed Epic Records artist, Chris Rene has exploded onto the music scene after finishing third place on “The X Factor.” The Santa Cruz-based rapper/singer/songwriter/musician enamored audiences with his raw talent and then-recent triumph in overcoming addiction. Masterfully capturing Rene’s… [ read more ]

  • Future

    Future’s career in hip-hop is about as long as his history with ink. While getting his feet wet in the rap game during the mid-’00s, the Atlanta native sharpened his lyrical tongue under the guidance of Dungeon Family members, including… [ read more ]

  • Kreayshawn: Q & A

    With the release of her debut album “Somethin’ Bout Kreay” set for September 18, Kreayshawn has been a busy girl. Featuring collaborations with everyone from Kid Cudi to Diplo “Somethin’ Bout Kreay” has fans waiting on the edge of their… [ read more ]

  • James Bond

    When it comes to promoting Undefeated apparel stores, co-founder James Bond prefers things gently stirred, not shaken. He wants to keep a low profile and maintain mystique. “I feel like it’s best that people know very little—other- wise you open… [ read more ]

  • The Bone Collector-Ryan Matthew Cohn

    Ryan Matthew Cohn, star of Science Channel’s Oddities, deals in antiques, owns a boutique clothier, and creates skull showpieces that sit in elite tattoo shops. His love for polished ephemera is seen throughout his fantastical home— and in his neotraditional… [ read more ]

  • Q&A: Damien Echols

    For nearly two decades, Prisoner SK 931 spent his life in jail for a crime he has adamantly maintained he didn’t commit. In 1994, at the age of 19, Damien Echols, the 931st person to be sentenced to death in… [ read more ]