Celebrity Tattoo

Q&A: Damien Echols

August 17 2012

For nearly two decades, Prisoner SK 931 spent his life in jail for a crime he has adamantly maintained he didn’t commit. In 1994, at the age of 19, Damien Echols, the 931st person to be sentenced to death in… [ read more ]

Electric Ladyland

August 9 2012

L.A. Roxx jacket; Insight shorts; Neivz ring; Patricia Field ring; Noir bracelets; Report Signature boots. “My arm says ‘Pema,’ my sister’s name. When I moved to America I left her back in England and wanted to carry her on my… [ read more ]

Young L

August 8 2012

Young L isn’t afraid to take charge of his business. Actually, he prefers it. “That’s how I do everything. All my mix tapes were all pretty much produced solely by me–that’s like 3 or 4 mix tapes I’ve produced,” he… [ read more ]

Style Points

August 7 2012

Alfani for Macy’s vest; WT02 shirt; Levi’s jeans; Converse sneakers; Sabit NYC chain; New Era EK hat; Tateossian bracelets. Stevie Johnson has taken to the NFL like a buffalo in a china shop. In four years he’s not only ripped… [ read more ]

Pedal to the Gold Medal

July 23 2012

WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE HOME OF AN ELITE athlete like BMX racer Nic Long, you are bound to come across a trophy case. By taking a good look at it you can trace the athlete’s entire career. On the… [ read more ]

American Picker: Danielle Colby

July 20 2012

She’ll pick through your junk for hidden treasures, don a sexy outfit on stage for a burlesque routine and strap on her roller skates for a derby session… all in the same day. You’re probably familiar with the inked-up gal… [ read more ]

Q+A: Lars Frederiksen

July 19 2012

Punk rock has always flirted with mainstream success. Every couple of years a new batch of punk bands will explode onto the scene, and more often than not, within six months, they are never heard from again. Or they turn… [ read more ]

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