Celebrity Tattoo

  • The Hardest Working Man In Show Business

    When Hollywood is looking for a hard guy, the kind you wouldn’t want to meet in even a well-lit alley, they call Danny Trejo. You’ve seen his tough persona, you’ve seen his prison tattoos, and you’ve seen the distinctive lines… [ read more ]

  • International Woman of Mystery: Maggie Q

    Jose Duran tube top; Patricia Field suspender briefs; Raphael Young shoes. Like her character the rogue agent Nikita, Maggie Q has remained an enigma. While Nikita begins to reveal herself throughout the second season of the CW show of the… [ read more ]

  • We Ride At Dawn

    I went for my first ride on the back of a Triumph on a dirt road on my grandmother’s farm. It felt like flying, still does. I’ve always been a gearhead—a mechanical type of guy. My first job was building… [ read more ]

  • She’s a Knockout

    What Comes Around Goes Around vintage Harley-Davidson shirt; vintage Levi’s shorts; Low Luv by Erin Wasson necklace; House of Harlow 1960 necklace; Bing Bang bracelets. JJ Anderson, host of Blackbelt TV’s Three Rounds With, talks martial arts and tattoos. In… [ read more ]

  • Darrell and Brandon Sheets

    There are 6 million ways to get rich—who would have thought opening up old, musty storage units would be one of them? To father-and-son team Darrell and Brandon Sheets, there’s nothing more exciting than opening an abandoned old locker to… [ read more ]

  • Q+A: CM Punk

    Once in a decade a WWE Superstar comes along and changes the game. CM Punk’s secret is that he isn’t a character, he is who he is—and he’s badass. See for yourself, below, and compare during WrestleMania XXVIII this month…. [ read more ]

  • Q+A: Fieldy

    Whenever metal bands mix things up and throw their fans a musical curveball, many of the diehards among their following can get pissed off, even though they may eventually believe the risk can be worth it in the end. On… [ read more ]