Celebrity Tattoo


February 15 2012

Tyga is off the leash and off the chain. With the release of his second studio album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King, the rapper’s label, Young Money Entertainment—Lil Wayne’s imprint of Cash Money Records that has launched the… [ read more ]


February 14 2012

Black Apple jacket; Levi’s jeans; Converse sneakers. Whoever woulda thought that a little mothafucka from the Land woulda came up and made them stacks? It never was warm in my city so I had to get on the record and… [ read more ]

Hard Core Sex

February 7 2012

When you find out a secret about somebody—dirty, little, or otherwise—your brain synthesizes the new information by running it against the profile you have of the subject to see if the information matches up. Prepare to drop your coffee mug… [ read more ]

Q+A: Chris “Birdman” Andersen

February 1 2012

In a league full of freakishly tall dudes covered in tattoos, Chris “Birdman” Andersen still sticks out. Andersen earns his nickname every night, flying through the air to collect a nasty array of dunks for the Denver Nuggets. A 6´10´´… [ read more ]

Oliver Peck

January 16 2012

Oliver Peck has the hottest tattoo gun in Texas. Out of Elm Street Tattoo, on the outskirts of Dallas, the master artist creates traditional American designs with a twist, adding his own flair here and there and sometimes incorporating colors… [ read more ]

Don Ed Hardy

December 14 2011

Don Ed Hardy changed modern American tattooing. He inspired fellow artists and tattoo collectors to move beyond the tattoo “menu” on shop walls and pursue custom, personalized art. Taking the lessons he learned from greats like Sailor Jerry Collins and… [ read more ]

Claire Lutz

December 7 2011

The urge to see the world has been the fire in the belly of countless folk. The means of transportation may vary, but the destination—anywhere but here—remains the same. Some buy a one-way train ticket while others pack the car… [ read more ]

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