Celebrity Tattoo

The Knux

December 1 2011

From left: Kentrell “Krispy” Lindsey and Alvin “Joey” Lindsey. Old-school rockers often gripe that hip-hop is a bland blend of boisterous beats, empty bravado, and melodies cribbed from other people’s albums. But there is one group they can appreciate: The… [ read more ]

Q+A: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

November 22 2011

Jersey Shore debuted two years ago with eight self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes who spent their days in tanning booths, gyms, and Laundromats and their nights dancing to house music, drinking, and “smushing” (having sex or, as newish cast member Deena… [ read more ]

Joie de Vivre

November 18 2011

Only Hearts vintage jumpsuit. While working on a project called Songs for Sailors, Quebecois singer, songwriter, and pianist Béatrice Martin went through a particularly bad breakup that ended with a guy telling her she had no future, that she couldn’t… [ read more ]

Michelle Myles

November 8 2011

The first thing you might notice about Michelle Myles is that she is a woman. When Myles is written about, she is often referred to as a “female tattoo artist,” but you should judge the artist by the piece, not… [ read more ]

Q & A With Dave Navarro

October 13 2011

Jane’s Addiction flipped the switch and New York City’s Terminal 5 is electric. Dave Navarro is whaling away on his guitar at breakneck speed on a solo so long that Perry Farrell could take a bathroom break while he plays…. [ read more ]

Troy Denning

October 10 2011

Troy Denning isn’t afraid to speak his mind; in fact, he makes no apologies. Tattooing since 1992, Denning has strong opinions about the craft in its current state. Laughing at how he sounds like an old man ruminating on the… [ read more ]

True Love Never Dies

October 5 2011

In the “go big or don’t go at all” world of action sports, mortality is omnipresent. While the athletes take calculated risks, they are still gambling with their lives every time they practice and compete, and it is that double-edged… [ read more ]

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