My Favorite Piece: Austin Sherbanenko

February 27 2013

NAME: Austin Sherbanenko COMPANY: Odyn Vovk Astronomers use the term metallicity to describe the amount of “metal” (elements besides hydrogen and helium) in a star, but we think it could also describe Austin Sherbanenko’s Odyn Vovk. The line’s clothes look… [ read more ]

My Favorite Piece: Willy Chavarria

February 27 2013

NAME: Willy Chavarria COMPANY: Palmer Trading Company As Willy Chavarria and David Ramirez roamed around Ramirez’s hometown of Palmer, MA, they surveyed the decay of textile mills and knew that they wanted to bring back quality, American-made wares. They started… [ read more ]

My Favorite Piece: Jeffrey Sebelia

February 26 2013

NAME: Jeffrey Sebelia COMPANY: La Miniatura Jeffrey Sebelia started off designing one-offs for rockers such as Dave Navarro and Chester Bennington with his line Cosa Nostra, and he went on to become the winner of Project Runway’s third season and… [ read more ]

My Favorite Piece: Benny Gold

February 25 2013

NAME: Benny Gold COMPANY: Benny Gold Above Benny Gold’s desk there is a flash set by tattoo artist Scott Althen that is “inspired by subtle jokes and popular icons” from Gold’s eponymous brand. Althen and Gold attended the same art… [ read more ]

My Favorite Piece: Daniel Feldman

February 22 2013

NAME: Daniel Feldman COMPANY: Feltraiger Daniel and Jonathan Feldman dreamed up a line that’s as American as apple pie, soul music, and blue jeans. Their New American Classics line is an ode to denim. The fabric “was worn in the… [ read more ]

My Favorite Piece: Fahrani Empel

February 21 2013

NAME: Fahrani Empel COMPANY: Cast Eyewear Dreamed up by Fahrani Empel and Miles Pitt, Cast Eyewear is a funky-chic line of shades that uses shapes and colors no other designers would dare to. “My passion for eyewear was the first… [ read more ]

My Favorite Piece: Frank “The Butcher” Rivera

February 21 2013

NAME: Frank “The Butcher” Rivera COMPANY: BAU: Business As Usual/ Boylston Trading Company Frank Rivera, better known as Frank the Butcher, is a hit man, in the sense that whatever he puts out kills on the market. His limited-release sneakers… [ read more ]

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