Alejandro Ingelmo

November 28 2012

When Alejandro Ingelmo walks into his Soho studio wearing jeans and a semitransparent white T-shirt—offering a view of the ink covering his chest, arm, and back—he looks more like a musician who rocks fashion-forward sneakers than a fourth-generation cobbler who… [ read more ]

James Bond

August 29 2012

When it comes to promoting Undefeated apparel stores, co-founder James Bond prefers things gently stirred, not shaken. He wants to keep a low profile and maintain mystique. “I feel like it’s best that people know very little—other- wise you open… [ read more ]

Marina Toybina: Q & A

May 10 2012

In a world of labels and production lines fashion designer and artist Marina Toybina and her handmade, hand plucked designs stand out to say the least. Toybina’s custom designs have been adorned by some of the biggest names in movies… [ read more ]

Roland Sands

April 1 2011

Many guys who design motorcycles get into it during their autumn years, after a long life of hard riding. But for 36-year-old Roland Sands, it was a near-death experience that coaxed him into fabricating. “Yeah, I did something stupid,” says… [ read more ]

Maria Tash

June 17 2010

Maria Tash has come a long way from piercing her friends’ ears in college. Nearly two decades later, the raven-haired designer behind Venus by Maria Tash designs custom jewelry that commands up to $40,000 a piece and has two prosperous… [ read more ]

Erin Magee

March 3 2010

What would Madonna do? That’s a question Erin Magee asks herself every day. “She’s my fashion icon, my musical icon—my everything icon,” gushes the Canada-born fashion designer. “I grew up in a small suburb and moved to New York when… [ read more ]

Intelligent Design

August 7 2009

Tattoos and couture collide in the work of these fashion designers. Some are upand- coming and some have already come up, but they all stay true to their art with designs that are irreverent, witty, and anything but ordinary. Matt… [ read more ]

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