• Marina Toybina: Q & A

    In a world of labels and production lines fashion designer and artist Marina Toybina and her handmade, hand plucked designs stand out to say the least. Toybina’s custom designs have been adorned by some of the biggest names in movies… [ read more ]

  • Dominic Chambrone: The Shoe Surgeon

    Custom shoe designer, Dominic Chambrone, is better known to his fans and his clients as The Shoe Surgeon for his unique ability to deconstruct and reconstruct a shoe, giving it new life. With a dream job and dream clientele to… [ read more ]

  • True Love Never Dies

    In the “go big or don’t go at all” world of action sports, mortality is omnipresent. While the athletes take calculated risks, they are still gambling with their lives every time they practice and compete, and it is that double-edged… [ read more ]

  • Inked Girl: Ginger Andersen

    NYC Boutique white shawl,; Huit thong. Ginger Andersen is a nerd … just not the suspender-wearing, protractor-carrying sort. Still, this month’s Inked Girl sees no incongruity between her exterior appearance and her self-proclaimed nerdy personality. Case in point: A… [ read more ]

  • Inked Girl: Rio Lund

    Eres bodysuit; Qupid heels; Ben-Amun bracelets.   Inked Girl: Rio Lund There’s a lot to Rio Lund you might not pick up at first glance. “I have a bunch of hobbies I like to dabble in,” she says. “Surfing, gardening,… [ read more ]

  • A Second Glance

    Andrea Lewis“I love kissing my boyfriend’s stomach tattoo—it’s so hot!” Eva Huber“I think well-done tattoos are attractive, and someone who has the guts to display one shows their confidence, which is also very attractive.” Radeo“Any tattoos that flow with the… [ read more ]

  • Let me blow your mind

    Kiki de Montparnasse blouse; Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini bottoms; Kenneth Jay Lane earrings and ring; Loree Rodkin rings; Bulgari bracelet.There was graffiti everywhere,” Eve says about growing up in the Mill Creek housing projects in West Philadelphia. “It was the… [ read more ]